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Embarrassed by your stained teeth and avoiding smiling at all cost?  Well, now you have something to bring back your beautiful smile!  A new, non-invasive smile enhancement, veneer technology that is PAIN-FREE and here to save the day!

SmileSimplicity, is a cutting edge procedure because it works on stained, misaligned and gapped teeth to dramatically improve your smile quickly and painlessly.  Other veneer systems require shots, drilling and the removal of sensitive tooth structure.  It also provides PERMANENT WHITENING that can last up to 20 years!

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SmileSimplicity was developed by Robert Ibsen, DDS, the creator of Rembrandt® oral care products, inventor of Lumineers® veneers and a leading pioneer in noninvasive cosmetic dentistry.  Today, his mission is to teach dentists how to provide a pain-free veneer procedure that preserves patients’ teeth and spares them from shots and pain.

SmileSimplicity-trained dentists dramatically transform smiles in just two short visits.  The first visit takes about an hour, when the dentist will go through a patient evaluation and preparation process to ensure that teeth and gums are healthy.  Then impressions are taken and a special lab creates the veneers made exactly for the patients smile and face.  In the second visit, also lasting about an hour, the veneers will be applied, resulting in an esthetically beautiful and stronger smile that can last over 20 years.  All this is achieved with no shots, temporaries or post-procedure sensitivity.

For more information on the SmileSimplicity procedure or to find a SmileSimplicity-trained dentist, please email info@smilesimplicity.com or call 1-888-543-1143.


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