Feb 1 The Shayla Foundation Beauty Day

On Sunday, January 27, 2013, I was invited to meet the most amazing young doctor and get beautified at the same time!  You ask how can this happen...well, I will tell you!

DR. LEILA YOONESSI is young pediatrician who has taken up residency (pulmonology fellowship) at Miller Children's Hospital in Long Beach, CA. Leila started The SHAYLA Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving infants and children suffering from neglect, or from receiving inadequate medical attention and social support. Through fundraising, community outreach and social awareness programs, SHAYLA provides research and medical care for diseases that receive less attention amongst health care professionals and the public.

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In order to raise awareness about the importance of medical care for children, Dr. Leila decided to put together a beauty event from soup to nuts where anyone could stop by and get pampered from head to toe for just a $20 donation!  This hot ticket got you a day of pampering with an all access pass to six spa stations including: manicures, pedicures, facials, massages, hair blowouts, styling and makeovers! The appetizers were delicious and there were TONS of give-aways from all of  the sponsors who participated.

The "Day of Pampering" took place in a large scenic lounge looking out into the ocean blue of Long Beach, Ca.  Just breath taking, especially on the clear day we had after all that rain!  *All proceeds made that day will benefit the PCDK Foundation and the Miller Children's Hospital.

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    I brought my 10 year old daughter Ella with me.  We enjoyed being pampered and meeting everyone.  Especially Dr. Leila:)  Ella asked me when we can see her and her cousin Essra again!  xoxo



The Shayla Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to serving infants and children who have been neglected or received inadequate medical attention and social support.  The Shayla Foundation’s mission is based on the idea that no infant or child should go without the health care resources and social support needed for healthy development.  The Shayla Foundation seeks to serve all loving families and children who remain under served and neglected, irrespective of ethnicity or religious background.


The Shayla Foundation’s mission places special emphasis on focusing support, increasing awareness, and raising funds for research and medical care for those diseases that receive less attention amongst health care professionals and the wider public.

The following sponsors get a huge shout out for donating their time and services:

KiNESis Chiropractic & Physical Medicine, Michelle's Nails, located in Redondo Beach, JW GoodsonSpa Sidney, Equinox, Wet Paint Makeup Studio, Fish Spa Pedi, Baskin Robbins in Long Beach, BJ's Restaurant in Long Beach, and Jamba Juice.


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