Jan 30 Project Fig Grooming Review

This Valentine’s Day, you might be planning a bit of champagne, some strawberries, and perhaps some oh-so-sexy lingerie. If you’re plans include some intimate grooming first …razor burn, ingrown hairs, and irritation might not be the look you’re going for when the romance heats up.  Plan on great skin with Project FIG! Whether you shave, wax, or do nothing at all, Project FIG is just here to make sure your better-regions get the respect they deserve on the most intimate of holidays!

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Project FIG, the first premium natural facial quality skincare solution for the “FIG Zones,” takes the guesswork out of intimate grooming for the most intimate of holidays. For healthy, smooth skin, try one of (like the ultra-hydrating and razor burn reducing Shave Gel) or all for products in the line. Groom, Soothe, Prevent and Tame. Project FIG will let you focus on what really matters - your partner!

This Valentine's Day, get the gift that keeps on smoothing:)  Project Fig!


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