Feb 5 HUM Hair Supplement Color Boost and Healthier Hair

This Valentine’s Day show your hair just how sweet you can be with the vegan vitamin gummy formulated with a proprietary blend of plant extracts, minerals, and vitamins including Zinc, Vegan Biotin, Folic Acid and more.  This sweet new hair supplement is happening at HUM Nutrition …their latest launch, Hair [...]

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Nov 28 Best Sled For Winter Season!

This winter why not have some fun and head to the snow!  I brought my new snow boogie board to Portland, Oregon last week and decided to be a kid again!  I hit the snowy mountains with my daughter zipped down the hills with this super lighweight and easy to [...]

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Nov 9 Shave Legs Safely

Have you ever tried to shave your legs in the shower and actually keep your balance…?  And, get this, NOT NICK your legs?!  The majority of people will agree that dangerously balancing on one foot with a sharp object pressed to your skin is a bad idea.  However, most women [...]

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Nov 7 SeabuckWonders For Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes Are Nothing To Cry About! It’s painful and frustrating to deal with!  However, there is a natural and safe way to overcome the dryness…SeabuckWonders Shares Ancient Wisdom with a Modern, Natural Product that Provides Genuine Relief! Whether you have kids boarding the bus for their first day of [...]

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Oct 19 Skin Laundry For A Younger Looking You

Over the summer I was generously offered several treatments at SKIN LAUNDRY Laser & Light Therapy in the Glendale, Ca., facility.  I am personally intrigued by laser therapy as well as a HUGE fan!  Although my skin is relatively good, I will NEVER say no to checking out a new [...]

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CURAPROX, the Swiss oral health professional, is excited to announce the launch of the NEW Black Is White Collection— a unique, 100% natural and gentle toothpaste powered by activated charcoal. Black in color, this toothpaste safely whitens teeth by effectively absorbing dirt and discoloration particles (bye-bye coffee, tea and wine [...]

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Sep 20 New DECLEOR Body Firming

We just love this new body line!  Your skin will feel and look smoother in just a few days!  Check it out… DECLÉOR Paris has officially launched a new, clinically-proven body collection— AROMA SVELT!  It consists of 2 brand new products that are highly targeted to smooth, slim and firm [...]

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Sep 13 Beauty Essentials For Fall

  Check out these beauty essentials that will help you get your skin and makeup looking awesome this Fall!  We LOVE all of them! Mally Beauty Evercolor Poreless Face Defender Boost: Extend your summer glow with the NEW Evercolor Poreles Face Defender Boost.  Feather-light with just a hint of a [...]

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Aug 8 Sally Hansen Floral Nail Gel Sets

FLORAL FABULOUS: INTRODUCING THE LIMITED EDITION SALLY HANSEN MIRACLE GEL™ “SECRET GARDEN” COLLECTION Cultivate your collection with nature’s most vivid hues! This season, the prettiest finishing touch to your summer wardrobe is a posy-pretty manicure you can do at home. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel™ is the revolutionary #1 zero light [...]

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Aug 7 Good Karma Skincare

Cynthia Ransom, a very busy holistic practitioner, was compelled to create much needed skincare products that were convenient, affordable, luxurious and truly natural.  And more importantly, proven to yield genuine results.  She desired to create an effective yet simple anti-aging routine using holistic ingredients and a few secret weapons.  Her [...]

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Master Shot

makeup remover mitt

  jane iredale’s Magic Mitt: This new knitted micro-fiber cloth from jane [...]

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