Feb 8 My Prime Skin Care Review

Less known but with more uses than the coconut tree is the Pili tree of the Philippines.


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Considered the “Tree of Life” to its harvesters, the hardy, symmetrically shaped 50-plus-foot-tall evergreen flowers with edible fruit that contains the almond-like Pili nut at its core. Oil from the nut and pulp of the Pili fruit has multiple uses, such as cooking oil, and is famous among the locals as a regenerative beauty serum that contains high concentrations of omega fatty acids and Vitamins A and E.

Merging modern science with this locals-only secret, My is a new line of results-oriented, anti-aging skin care products designed to repair, replenish, and revitalize skin. Combining the highest quality Asian botanicals with innovative skin care science, My products give users a potent formula ensuring the highest possible nutritional concentration and maximum effect.

With Pili oil locally and responsibly sourced from the Bicol region of the Philippines, My makes purity of this ingredient a priority. The potent antioxidants are easily absorbed into skin, achieving maximum hydration while calming redness and inflammation.


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These are the five products in the My debut anti-aging line — My Prime:

Skin Recovery Formula — A skin brightening treatment that targets the visible effects of skin damage, promotes skin firmness and reduces the appearance of imperfections. $88

Multi-Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer — A highly hydrating yet lightweight moisturizer that also softens the look of fine lines and works as a primer under makeup. $68

Weightless Eye Cream — A lightweight formula that improves circulation to target dark circles and puffiness, while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. $62

Dynamic Lifting Serum — A powerful serum that provides immediate as well as long-term firming benefits, increasing tautness in the eye and jowl areas. $75

Transformative Night Cream — An intensive nightly application that encourages cell turnover and stimulates collagen production for a vibrant, ageless look. $92

"I used the entire anti-aging line for 2 weeks.  My skin had a youthful glow and sheen which I love!  The skincare went on easily and absorbed quickly into my skin leaving it feeling well hydrated.  Continued use would definitely result in fine lines fading and going bye-bye!"





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