Oct 17 Angelo David Salon NYC: Give You The Royal Treatment

Living in New York City gives you access to all of the best, and being a makeup artist surrounds me with lovely, creative artists who are there to sort me out when I am near a hair rut. For ages my friends have transformed me from dark brown locks into a progressively slow blonde. From sparkly blonde to flaming red and back again. It never ends.

However, what you wouldn't know is that these hair color transformations have all taken place in my living room. Too convenient right? Well we had some major success and my hair had remained healthy and shiny all until a rather rude "Celebrity Chef" caused a fire in our building.  No, really, a fire in his own oven! This led to a harrowing experience with a fire evacuation involving 300 tenants in our building and I was forced to leave my apartment while my color was processing; in foils! I  couldn't help wondering if I would have any hair left after the fire was out, and was forced to rinse my hair in the grotty sink of my building's laundry room. I had absolutely no choice. It was either that or beg the firemen to blast me with the hose. Needless to say, my hair survived that night thankfully, but taking another chance was at this point too risky.

For years, I have made many excuses for not going to a salon. I have many. I don't really trust strangers, I have curly hair etc. The list is momentous. I Think it may have also been a lack of motivation, who knows, but I can assure you I was ever so motivated when I got the invite to the Angelo David Salon NYC to tone and correct my do.

Even then I still had a tiny bit of anxiety but it was so refreshing to enter the space and to be treated like royalty. Anthony David Salon offers such special services, and truly is a fabulous full service salon.  As soon as I was seated I felt strangely comfortable. With a lovely glass of wine in my hand I was slowly beginning to relax. Meaghan, my artist, began evening out my color with Pure Logistics products galore! And my curls? It turns out that Meaghan's sister has curly hair too -  so I needn't worry. Whew! I relaxed even more. Just as I was feeling that this was too good to be true, my manicurist, Marianna, came on over to get me started!  Talk about Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz. I had forgotten how nice it was to be a "client". Rebecca's shampoo and condition was luxurious and my experience just kept getting better.

As Meagan dusted (a miniscule snip) some heaviness in my curls, I spied a gal having her "hair" maintained. Extensions? I would never have known it wasn't all hers. Just gorgeous! As it was explained to me, not only does this salon provide Couture Extensions but also Couture fillers and even fringes if you're not ready to take the leap. Certain fashionista's are known to have their wigs  designed, created, colored, cut and maintained right here.

And just when I thought this experience couldn't be any more pleasing, Meaghan and Tiffany began the double blow dry. It took no time at all and the result was phenomenal!!

So, a happy ending to a nervous beginning, and now that I have been spoiled, I am hooked. I walked out a different person, and could not believe how much attention my confidence was garnering. I am not a narcissistic person, but I was loving the looks I was getting.

Was it my new look? Or the way it made me feel? Don't care! No longer will I question "what is SHE looking at?" because I now know what they are thinking - Where do you get your hair done??

Not my living room. That's for sure.

The Angelo David Salon is cleverly located across Grand Central Station. It is obvious that the artists here love what they do. Should you meet Angelo David himself you will know what I am talking about.

So even if you are not in NYC, grab your favorite sassy suburban gal and hop on the train. It is right across the street. Then go have a bit of a nibble and a beverage before you head back.  If you feel anything like I did, have a Martini and bat your lashes all the way home.

Angelo David Salon


NYC 10017   212.883.6620


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