May 11 Colour Bunz Hair Highlights Kit

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Colour Bunz is a one-of-a-kind hair coloring and styling product that reinvents the traditional process and offers a cost-effective, comfortable, effective and fun way to color hair. Colour Bunz is a patented device for highlights, lowlights, ombre, balayage, and more. Available in thin and wide channels, Colour Bunz can be used by every hair type depending on hair thickness and the possibilities are endless.

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Color Bunz Can Be Used: To create highlights or lowlights, To create dimension, To protect your highlights when coloring your roots or base shade, To curl your hair in either loose ringlets or tight curls, As a styling base for chignons, French twists and other fashion updos, To create dimension.


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Creative options are endless with Colour Bunz and founded by Barbara Forgione, a colorist who has been in the industry for over 30 years. The brand is now a US patent and is patent pending in four countries. Colour Bunz is a must-have revolutionary product and will forever change the way individuals color their hair. The product is environmentally friendly and puts a huge dent in the waste from the foils that take over landfills all over the world.

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