Jun 24 Clean Well Hand Sanitizer

clean well hand sanitizer

Perfect for a day at the beach, park or at a barbeque, CleanWell Wipes are the perfect items to use on hands after climbing on the monkey bars or before diving into those delicious hot dogs and burgers.  CleanWell’s travel-friendly, hand sanitizing sprays and wipes are made with a patented blend of thyme oil.  With a first-of-its-kind natural chemistry, CleanWell’s unique formulation kills germs naturally.  All products are non-flammable, alcohol-free and kid safe as well!


CleanWell Hand Sanitizers come in convenient pocket sized sprays and wipes.  Cleaning well has never been so quick, easy or safe for the whole family.  They are available at Whole Foods Market, Vitamin Shoppe, Amazon.com, Diapers.com and a growing number of retailers.

get rid of germs


1 oz Original Spray                                        $3.99

1 oz Orange Vanilla Spray                              $3.99

Hand Sanitizing Wipes (10 ct)                        $3.99

Hand Sanitizing Wipes (40-Ct Canister)         $5.99

Perfect this summer for all your on the go cleaning and conveniently fits in your purse!

For more info or to purchase, visit: CLEANWELL

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