Oct 19 Chic Sheets Get Rid of Fly Aways and Frizzy Hair

Unless you just came from a windblown joy ride with your thrillseeker-boyfriend, or you just got a little too curious around an electricity socket, your head of hair should not be threatened by frizz, fly-aways or frump.



keep hair smooth and get rid of fly aways


Chic Sheets offer a solution for frazzled tresses, no matter the situation, time or place. Improving on the effectiveness of dryer sheets, Chic Sheets are dry cloths that work to smooth clinging strands. When swiped over the hair shaft, it smooths frizz and tames fly-aways. Smartly packaged in an easy-to-carry casing, its simple to use on the go. With its convenience, Chic Sheets is sure to become the next must-have beauty accessory.

Retails for $10


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