Jan 29 Check Out Nail Polish For Spring

product review on nail polish

Impala has a rich history in beauty with 40 years of experience and positioned at the 3rd largest brand in Brazil. Always on top of the trends, they offer an insane amount of colors to choose from!

Impala has long been the world’s largest and most respected manufacturer of manicure tools, with their most popular model of cuticle nippers often selling over 80,000 dozen units every month. So it’s no surprise that when they forayed into polishes, their loyal following was instantly hooked—and the colors quickly rose to popularity, selling more than nearly any other brand in Brazil.

It's not just what’s in the bottle that garnered Impala polishes such a wide fanbase, though—it’s also the actual bottle itself. The bottle is half the size of other brands’ versions (and costs half the price), meaning that the polish doesn’t dry out, fade, or decrease in quality before it’s been used up.

Be one of the first gals outside of Brazil to flaunt your sexy colored nails with Impala!

Best part: $4.99 a bottle!!

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