Mar 29 Jane Iredale’s New Magic Hour Collection

“From the moment we released it, Moonglow became one of our hottest products. A quad bronzer that gives a golden glow to any part of the body.  When we were looking for something special to do to celebrate our 20th anniversary, we couldn’t think of anything better than letting Moonglow be [...]

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Mar 23 Yonka Paris Hydra Collection

When it comes to anti-aging, Hydration is the first step and essential for the skin to preserve it’s suppleness, softness, tone, smoothness, and brightness. To ensure that the skin is properly hydrated, it is essential to act on every layer.  Introducing HYDRA No1, a specific and innovative solution to one of the [...]

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Mar 18 Oxygen Facial Spray For A Youthful Glow

Every day your skin battles environmental hazards that are invisible to the naked eye.  Why not be armed and ready…Introducing Oxygen Facial Spray. A daily Amino-Spray skin therapy that has been scientifically formulated combining 25 essential vitamins, amino acids, vital rejuvenating nutrients and skin renewing collagen peptides all delivered with [...]

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Feb 14 Beauty Expert Bobbie Thomas & Dove Team Up for The Importance of Underarm Care

Bobbie Thomas, Style Editor for NBC’s TODAY Show and author of the bestselling book, The Power of Style: Everything You Need to Know Before You Get Dressed Tomorrow, is much more than a beauty and style guru. For one she is smart, hard working, sincere, empathetic, passionate, funny, not to [...]

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Nov 12 EMK Placental Botanical Radical Repair Eye Cream

The eyes are a primary indicator of vitality and health, and the delicate orbital eye area of the face demonstrates some of the very first signs of aging. Expression lines, crow’s feet, deep wrinkles, and loss of firmness reveal the passage of time way before it’s time. Compounding these aging [...]

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May 31 Healthy Summer Skin Protection Plan

DO use sunscreen! There are so many to choose from—something for ALL ages and with specific degrees of protection based on your needs. Obviously, the very fair need more protection than those with more melanin in their skin; however, we ALL need protection so apply a little “common sense” with [...]

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Mar 18 Freeman Bare Foot Repair

It’s easy to neglect your feet when they are covered by tights, booties, and duck-boots. But with cold, wet weather wreaking havoc on your toes, this is the most important time to REPAIR! your routine.     Restore moisture with the intensive Bare Foot Repair! for Cracked Heels Foot Balm [...]

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Feb 26 Sip on Kusmi Tea Essentials

    Founded in 1867 in Saint-Petersburg, Kusmi Teas are faithful to the spirit of the firm P.M Kousmichoff, supplier of the tsars of ancient Russia. In 1917 when the Revolution started in Russia, anticipating a disaster, the eldest Kousmichoff son transferred a part of his fortune to the London [...]

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Feb 13 Win Oxygen Pur on FaceBook Today!

Oxygen Pur, a unique, new beauty and wellness brand, is promoting a social media contest to offer a Valentine’s Day gift basket grand prize valued at $500!       Visit the Oxygen Pur Facebook page at to enter and view the contest details.    

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Feb 13 Adventuress’ Valentine’s Day Promotion!

  Simply “like” the Adventuress page on Facebook and you’ll receive a code for 15% off all online orders.  PLUS you’ll receive five free Fearlessly Refreshing Facial Wipes! The offer is valid February 14– 18th and is open to US residents only.  

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