Feb 11 Splat Temporary Hair Dye

  Feel like switching up your hair color but chicken to make that dramatic change?  No worries!  Now you can try a vibrant color without making a real commitment with SPLAT! The New Splat Hair Color products are water based solution immediately washes out and is an easy way to […]

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Feb 11 Hard Candy Body Mist For V-Day

                            Hard Candy Pink Fragrance Body Mist for Women, 8.0 fl oz: This Valentine’s Day give the gift of scent!  What girl wouldn’t want to smell good all day long.  Especially after a good work out or […]

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Nov 9 Power of the Dead Sea: Bloom Mineral

Summer weather going right into Fall/Winter can cause your skin to crack, dry, and even split.  Not a pretty picture if left unattended.  But why go down that path… Start with a good body scrub that easily sloughs off dead skin.  Bloom Mineral Hydrating Almond Scrub has micro-ground almond shells […]

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Oct 17 NOVAFAB Razors

These amazing mini razors can be used by men and women!  Love them for shaping my eye brows and the fuzzy hair that tends to appear every now and then on my face!  LOL!  But hey, why not:) Not nicking and no stray hairs after I use them. The inspiration […]

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Oct 3 JT Spencer Apparel For Men Made in The USA

  JT Spencer began with a dream of manufacturing high quality custom logo belts right here in the USA that could be sold at high end golf and country clubs. The Original Embroidered Belt hit the market and quickly began to gain momentum with pro shops all across the country. […]

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Sep 17 Upstep Orthotics At Home Service Is Amazing!

If you are like most of us who need orthotics, you will find that 9 out of 10 times your medical insurance will deny coverage.  My podiatrist and I tried 4 times to request a pair for my “very flat feet,” and 4 times I was denied!  They would rather […]

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Sep 4 Maple Holistics Tea Tree Shampoo

OMG!  I have washed my hair twice now using “Maple Holistics” tea tree special formula shampoo and I am LOVING my hair!  I have fine curly dry hair and after using Maple Holistics tea tree shampoo, my hair looked and felt thicker and my curls were more prominent without adding […]

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Aug 22 The Synergy Company For A Healthy You

If you are looking to get back into a “healthier” life style, I highly recommend checking out The Synergy Company.  A privately family owned company operating since their official launch in 1992.  Synergy continues to grow every day and will never compromise their small company and family values.  Their personal […]

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Aug 6 Secure Leather Wallet With RFID

I am just loving my Accordion Wallet from Kinzd.com!  Mine is purple, of course:)  It is perfect for when I down size my purse and/or go to concerts where I prefer not to carry bulky items.  Less is more they say!  It is made very well and looks expensive.  Definitely […]

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Jul 7 Boxy Girl Organizer For Makeup and Jewelry!

Boxy Girl® is PEOPLE Magazine’s ‘Genius Organizer’ of 2017 Hannah Serimian has poured her heart and soul into creating Boxy Girl® – the box and the brand.  A Fresno native and third-generation entrepreneur, Hannah developed a keen design aesthetic and an appreciation for quality workmanship through her family’s fine furniture […]

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