Oct 31 Best Straightening Serum By "Mixed Chicks"

Premiere hair care brand MIXED CHICKS is forever evolving to meet the needs of combination hair around the world.  Whether you choose to wear your hair curly or straight, MIXED CHICKS has the products for every hair style.


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The new MIXED CHICKS Straightening Serum is the ultimate remedy for styling and setting hair straight. The serum temporarily controls and straightens naturally curly, frizzy or relaxed hair- without damaging the natural curl. The thermal protectant formula forms a barrier against heat styling and humidity. MIXED CHCIKS Straightening Serum cuts drying time in half and creates a sleek look.


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Here is how you should use The Straightening Serum:


1.   Apply Straightening Serum before being blow dried and flat iron as usual.

2.   Apply a dime size amount before securing hair with the ponytail holder , using a bristle brush to smooth down the edges and fly away’s.

3.   Style to your desire: a chic chignon, edgy fishtail braid or classic pony!

(Te-see used it and her curly hair was smooth and silky.  Her straight hair has lasted 4 days and it still looks good!)

*Dedicated fans of Mixed Chicks hair products include Halle Berry, Ciara, Tracee Elis Ross, Slash , Alica Key’s

MIXED CHICKS founders Kim Etheredge and Wendi Levy have designed, developed, manufactured and sold their high-quality hair products for men and women’s combination hair needs around the world!  Seven years since the creation, MIXED CHICKS has evolved into a complete hair-care line, dedicated to providing the quintessential products for combination hair.  With the addition of the MIXED CHICKS Kids line, the products are now specialized for the entire family.  The enormous success of MIXED CHICKS has created an entirely new market.  Some of the largest cosmetic companies in the world are beginning to follow suit.  Kim and Wendi are proud to have made a significant contribution and connection between the two hair worlds in this fabricated industry.

MIXED CHICKS is available at fine retailers and via the Mixed Chicks’ website, www.mixedchicks.net; www.mixedchicks.com.


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