Jan 7 Best New Scent 2013 Tru Blooms

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Tru Blooms is a bright floral perfume made of elegant sheer rose, traditional lavender and sensuous violet. Sparkling watery fruit accords, reminiscent of a day along the shores of Lake Michigan, create the perfume’s first impression. Blonde woods and skin musk, which speak to the city’s vibrant nightlife and blues heritage, produce its long-lasting beauty. Tru Blooms Chicago represents the first time a fine fragrance has been made from ingredients taken from the streets, public spaces, neighborhood gardens and urban farms of a community. Each bottle is a piece of history and a symbol of civic pride. Each 3.4 fl. oz./100ml limited edition bottle is etched with a number from 1 to 2150.

This fragrance is light, young and makes me smile every time a wear it:)  Available in 1.7-oz Cologne Spray for $38 or 3.4-oz for $65.  Hurry up and purchase since it is a limited scent!


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